Bhugarbha Cement Limited IPO Coming Soon with Nabil Investment Banking as Manager

Bhugarbha Cement Limited IPO
Bhugarbha Cement Limited IPO Coming Soon

A few months ago, on Jestha 25, 2081, Bhugarbha Cement Limited held a Special General Meeting (SGM) at its office in Naxal, Kathmandu, with the main agenda to discuss the launch of its IPO.

As of the meeting, Bhugarbha Cement Limited is preparing to issue 20% of its shares to the public, including those in industry-affected areas, Nepalese workers abroad, company employees, and collective investment funds. 

Each share will be priced at Rs. 100. The company has appointed Nabil Investment Banking Limited as the manager for issuing and selling these shares. The CEOs of Bhugarbha Cement’s CEO, Mr. Deepakraj Giri, and Nabil Investment Banking’s CEO, Mr. Manish Narayan Joshi. Bhugarbha Cement signed the agreement. 

Information Details
Share Price Rs. 100 per share
Manager Nabil Investment Banking Limited
Mines Area Approximately 8 sq. km.
Geological Accumulation 178.98 million MT of limestone
Mineable Limestone 161.08 million MT
Annual OPC Cement Capacity 60,000 MT
Annual PPC Cement Capacity 150,000 MT

Bhugarbha Cement was established on 2080/03/07 and runs a cement factory in Shivaraj Municipality-06, Kapilvastu district. It owns limestone mines in Narapani/Khachikot, Arghakhachi district, covering about 8 square kilometers, with 178.98 million MT of limestone, of which 161.08 million MT is mineable. 

The company produces OPC and PPC cement, with an annual capacity of 60,000 MT and 150,000 MT respectively, serving markets in Lumbini, Gandaki, Karnali, Sudurpaschim provinces, and Kathmandu Valley.

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