Jagadamba Steels Limited IPO Result Date – Coming Soon

Jagadamba Steels Limited IPO
Jagadamba Steels Limited IPO

Jagadamba Steels Company was established in 1994 A.D. Being part of the Shankar Group, it is one of the oldest and the biggest private sector in Nepal. Its head office is located in Simara in Bara district, Nepal.

It has a steel production capacity of approximately (करिब) 23 lakh tons. In the fiscal year 2078/79, the company had an annual turnover (वार्षिक कारोबार) of 49 Arab and 66 crores; in 2079/80, it had an annual turnover of  40 Arab and 17 crores.

SEBON is reviewing the document of Jagadamba Steels Ltd. and is in the final stage to permit launching an IPO. The company will issue 2,00,70,000 units (कित्ता) of shares worth Rs. 6,021,000,000 at a premium price. For foreign employees, 20,00,000 units of shares will be opened for application, where an individual can apply for 50 to 120 units (कित्ता) of shares. For the general public, 15,00,000 units of shares will be released.

The company’s share will have a face value of Rs. 100. An additional Rs. 200 is added for the premium, making the final price Rs. 300 per unit (कित्ता) of share. All shares will be issued at Rs. 300 each.

Name of the company Jagadamba Steels Limited
Sector Manufacturing
Type of issue IPO
No. of share 20,070,000 (कित्ता)
Amount of issue 6,021,000,000
Issue Manager Siddhartha Capital Limited
Date of application 2080/06/17
Date of comment 2080/08/12


Date of reply 2080/08/18
For Local and General Public at premium price @300

There are 16 upcoming IPOs in the final stages and this is one of them. Jagadamba Steels Limited applied for an IPO on 2080/06/17. SEBON made the initial comment on the application on 2080/08/12. This comment was later reviewed on 2080/08/18, and the final comment was sent by SEBON on 2080/09/20. Jagdamba Steel Company is now awaiting permission.


How many shares are being released by Jagadamba Steels Limited IPO?

Jagadamba Steels Ltd. is supposedly going to issue 20,070,000 shares.

When are the new shares being issued by Jagadamba Steels Ltd.?

The application is under final review by SEBON, the shares will be issued soon. 

What is the income of Jagadamba Steel?

In the year 2021, the profit of Jagadamba Steel was 14 billion, 46 million.