A broker platform providing new innovative experiences in stock trading: SAS(Stock Analysis Software)

providing new innovative experiences in stock trading
Providing new innovative experiences in stock trading

Sourcecode Pvt. Ltd has recently launched an app called ‘Stock Analysis Software’. This will supposedly change the trading experience for the users. 

They claim to have advanced tools that will provide essential insights to the users while maintaining unmatched international standards in financial technology. “The remarkable response we have received since the launch of this software reaffirms our commitment to innovation and excellence in the Nepalese finance sector. 

We are proud to bring world-class technology to our market, empower investors and brokers with state-of-the-art technology, help customers track their stock portfolios, and broker transactions, and get stock market information in real-time through the same platform.”, says the CEO of Sourcecode, Amod Bhattarai.

This software allows the customers to get access to their information on transactions and also the service provided by the broker to the customer. The software will also provide customers with a range of functions that enhance efficiency and transparency in transactions with brokers., from providing real-time updates of customer portfolio after-sale to streamlining account opening processes with three-in-one KYC processes, which includes video authentication.

The company claims that it can also provide timely information about stock price fluctuations, portfolio updates, and new investment opportunities. This will allow the users to make the right decisions in time, while the stock screener who can adapt to them will also show business strategies to achieve individual preferences and goals. 

Similarly, brokers have access to customer risk profiles based on transaction history, which helps in personalized service and decision-making, the company said.

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