Broker no. 81: Aakashbhairab Securities Ltd.

Nepal has granted licenses to Aakashbhairab Securities Ltd. (ABSL) as a stock broker with broker no 81. It provides Demat accounts in Nepal for share trading in Nepal and dematerializing the physical documents, which function similarly to bank accounts for securities including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, as one of its offerings. By offering a platform for investing in the Nepal Stock Exchange, ABSL guarantees equitable transactions for the people of Nepal.

Broker number



Aakashbhairab Securities Ltd.


Lalitpur-4, Jawalakhel, Bhanimandal


TMS 81 login

NEPSE Online Trading System ( 


01-5917930, 01-5917830 

Bhanimandala Chowk


Aakashbhairab Securities Ltd Location

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